There is love for everyone, even for Samantha who's had her fair share of disappointments. But can she trust Paul, her new boss, when everything seems just too good to be true? Is he her real prince charming or simply another heartbreak waiting to happen? And what about the strange occurrences that started to suddenly happen since Samantha began her relationship with Paul? The almost fatal motorcycle accident; the confrontation at the restaurant, and the attack in her office? Could Paul be the reason? Or worse, could it be a jelous ex?


About the Book

Bewitched meets Fatal Attraction.


What's worse than being stalked by an obsessive ex? Being stalked by a sadistic, psychotic bitch. Did I say bitch? I meant witch.


Nothing is as it seems where Samantha is involved:

- The mysterious theft of the Hope Diamond by Marie Antoinette...

- The daring heist of an original Van Gogh by the Joker...

- Falling in love with the perfect man...


Patricia Fowler, a young executive scraping to make it to the top, meets the mysterious and alluring Paul Blast. He offers her a fast pass to success, but is finding the perfect man and getting your dream job worth facing off against Samantha? For Patricia, it’s the razor edge between what could be and insanity.


Bewitched meets Fatal Attraction!

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Software Engineer

Az is a great read on many levels. It is the story of the main character's journey of darkness and light, in an action-packed story interwoven with tragedy, revenge, evil, goodness, deceit, etc. Az is a "full package" with just the right combination of philosophy, humor, and classical and cultural references to keep one's interest. Once you get started, you don't want to put this book down!

The synopsis of this book does not do it justice. When I started the book I didn't know if it would be up my alley. However, the discord among the archangels and, more specifically, Azrail and Lucifer is captivating. It gives a new spin on some of the Bible tales and I loved it. The story follows Azrail and Lucifer's battles through the ages. At the core of the story is Martha, Mary and, most importantly, Kay. It follows the journey of Az slowly losing faith and suddenly finding hope and light in one small little girl. The question is: Will it be enough?


I loved this story and found tears on my face for Az. Take time to read this story, you will not be disappointed.

Natalie B.

Author / Editor

Brian Rochette


Az is a wildly entertaining, pulse pounding ride that, honestly, I had to take a break from just to catch my breath. I wholeheartedly recommend Az to anyone, as long as they don't have a heart condition. AA Bavar's style of writing grabbed hold of me in way, that I could feel all of Az's struggles, as if they were my own. A rare book that doesn't just tell a story, but allows the reader to become part of the adventure. Enjoy.

Diving inside the gang of archangels. Didn't know archangels argued and fought among themselves? This story is an irreverent view of the highest angels, particularly Azrail, the angel of death. The story begins with Az losing his job to another angel of death and goes wilder from there with plenty of battles both mental and arma-mental with clever and funny dialogue.

Philip Levy


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